Covenant Pipeline offers a full line of Hydro Jetting & Rooter services.

Covenant Pipeline Hydrojet Van with LogoWe save you time and money by identifying the trouble spots quickly and efficiently and providing the most cost effective solution. So whether you are a home owner, management company, shopping center, manufacturing plant or city, Covenant Pipeline has the expertise for your sewer and drain cleaning needs!

What we offer:

Our hydro-jetting professionals use state-of-the-art pumps and flexible hoses to direct high pressure streams of water to cleanse and unclog underground pipes, drains and sewer lines.

Our rooter and drain cleaning services clean out blockages caused by tree roots, sludge, grease, soap, rags, or excessive disposal of domestic by-products.

Our certified CIPP technicians have 20+ years experience installing pipe lining. We are available for subcontracts and only install CIPP approved pipelining.

When you need to rehabilitate or replace utility lines such as gas, water, sewer, telephone or power, Covenant Pipeline recommends pipe bursting.

Our highly trained technicians utilize the latest CCTV Video Inspection technology to take the "guess work" out of solving your pipeline problems.

Our pipe and cable locators are able to locate a wide range of subterranean sewers, pipes, and cables. This exploratory method is trenchless and prevents damaging existing underground services.

Our hydro excavation services provide a clean, precise and safe method of digging in congested or sensitive areas using the precision of pressurized water.

Clean out installations are needed to create access in order to properly maintain and clean your drains. Without a cleanout in place or one that is the right size, maintenance on the plumbing system is more costly.

The least expensive way to remove roots. Avoid costly repairs and maintain your drains free of root intrusion by using our root removal service to cut roots out by high pressure jetting.