Hydro-Jet Cleaning

At Covenant Pipeline, our hydro-jetting professionals use state-of-the-art pumps and flexible hoses to direct high pressure streams of water to cleanse and unclog underground pipes, drains and sewer lines.

Covenant Pipeline Hydrojet Hydro Jetting EquipmentThis economical and environmentally friendly solution cleans and removes standard build-up, grease and roots on all sizes of piping. While regular snaking provides short term relief, hydro-jetting increases the internal diameter of your pipes resulting in long-term trouble-free drains.

Covenant Pipeline Hydrojet Hydro Jetting Examples

The pictures above on the left and right show examples of pipe clogs requiring hydro jetting to clear them out. The picture in the center shows the sludge removed from a pipe after hydro jetting.

Hydro-Jet benefits at a glance:

  • Quick, economical and environmentally safe.
  • Prevents damage to property or equipment.
  • Removes most if not all debris for a thorough cleaning.
  • Eliminates emergency drain problems.
  • Reduces downtime and potential loss
    of revenue for commercial clients.

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Covenant Pipeline Hydrojet Hydro Jetting Process

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