Sewer Cleanout Installation & Sewer Repair in Los Angeles

Clean out installations are needed to create access in order to  properly maintain and clean your drains.

sewer repair in los angeles

2 way clean-out - the ideal way of installing a clean-out to keep a plumber's dirty equipment out of your home or office.

Covenant Pipeline Hydrojet Excavation Equipment

excavation - spot repair or open cut techniques.

A cleanout is a drain that leads to into a plumbing system which provides access for snakes or other cleaning tools to clean and maintain drains. Most homes should have one, but the in homes that do, the cleanouts are either not large enough or provide limited access. Without a cleanout in place or one that is the right size, the maintenance on the plumbing system is more costly.

Excavation is still the most common repair method used on sewer lines.

At Covenant Pipeline, our excavation services include spot repair and open cut. Our skilled technician assess the level and type of excavation required to give our customers the best solution.

Cleanout Installation and Repair benefits at a glance:

  • Rooter and Drain Cleaning
  • Drain Line Breakage Camera Locate
  • Pipe Repair
  • Sewer Main Install or Replace

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