CCTV Video Inspection

Covenant Pipeline utilizes the latest CCTV Video Inspection technology to take the "guess work" out of solving your pipeline problems.

Through our video inspection process, we run cameras through the pipelines to locate problems quickly and efficiently. We inspect and evaluate toe drains, outlet works/spillway conduits, relief wells, pipelines, penstocks, siphons, and gates/valves.

Covenant Pipeline Hydrojet Video Inspection Equipment

Our highly trained technicians are experienced and skilled in every aspect of video inspection technology. These CCTV Video Inspection methods and equipment include CCTV Tractor Videos and See Snake Video Inspections. After a thorough review of the inspection onsite, we identify the problem and propose a cost effective solution.

Covenant Pipeline Hydrojet Onsite Video Inspections

The picture above displays the video inspection vehicle. The camera viewing software is located inside the truck. The picture on the right shows a sample screenshot of a video inspection.

CCTV Video Inspection benefits at a glance:

  • Removes the guess work
  • Effectively evaluates deficiencies
  • Saves time and allows for prompt repairs
  • Efficiently evaluates maintenance procedures
  • Cost effective

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Examples of Inspections:

Covenant Pipeline Hydrojet Video Inpection Sample

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